Who We Are

MAYO Zimbabwe is a Youth Service Trust that seek to contribute to the development and empowerment of young people in marginalized communities, eradication of poverty, injustice through advocacy for equality, child, youth and women’s rights. MAYO became the first Youth led Community based organization (CBO) to affiliate as a member to the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (NANGO) in 2005. The organization started as a drama group raising awareness on issues like HIV and AIDS, SRHR, Drug abuse among youths in Mutoko rural, addressing the issue of unemployment by introducing economic empowerment activities such as self-help projects skills training. Despite spreading its wings to other Provinces like Mash Central (Wadzanayi) and Harare in Epworth most of MAYO activities are implemented in MUTOKO since it is the hub of the organization.

What We Do

To date the organization has worked with many local and international organizations, MAYO held several activities and established various projects to address rural youths and Women challenges which includes, Sports tournaments, Young Women Symposiums, Theatre trainings and Arts Festival, Leadership and Peace building trainings, Youth Volunteers “Voices from Below” project with support from EU and Young Voices Network, annual festival Mhanduwe Mutoko Arts and Culture Festival (MMAF), Changing the Rivers flow with PADARE and SAFAIDS, School Mate Program with Plan International, Road shows, Peer Education and facilitation program, Youth information and Resource.
The organization subscribes principles of the right to information, knowledge and skills on prevention of the spread of HIV and AIDS and promotion of healthy lifestyles, personal well-being, reproductive health and care among children and young people as prescribed by Zimbabwe National Youth Policy and Principles in the National HIV and AIDS Policy of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Human Rights forms the bases of MAYO’s work and are relevant in all regimes and cultures as they are embedded in universally acknowledged norms and standards. MAYO’s intervention focuses on capacity building of youth and women’s groups to effectively address issues that affects them in their communities, education and awareness, child rights, women’s rights and empowerment, life skills and livelihoods support, trainings and awareness on peace building and conflict transformation.

Our Vision

MAYO envisages empowered communities a generation where young people are peacefully united, make informed decisions, exercise their rights and actively participate on issues that affect their lives.

Our Mission

To mitigate the spread of HIV and AIDS, violence against women (VAW), unemployment, injustice, poverty among young men and women in marginalized communities by capacity building them to realize their full potential, promote behavior change and advocate for their rights through peer education, outreach awareness and campaigns, youth leadership training, sports tournaments, theatre and arts, performances and festivals.

Our Values

· Accountability. · Transparency. · Respect for divergence views, · Inclusiveness & Non-discrimination, · Harmony – peace and unity, · Participation, · Effectively making a difference, · Commitment to action

Our Objectives

 To bridge information gap, raise awareness and educate young people on Sexual, Reproductive, Health and Rights in poor peri-urban and rural areas.

 To empower young women to participate in development activities and access education.

 To lobby government and other policy makers for effective and youth friendly policies.

 To promote rural youth participation in development activities and in policy formulation.

Our Objectives

 To promote the use of arts as a way of information dissemination.

 To provide support and establish a fund to assist young people to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

 To provide training on life skills, theatre arts, leadership, peace building and reproductive health peer counseling to young people to reach their full potential.

 To create a platform for young people to articulate their concerns and come up with feasible solutions to their challenges.


Our Programs

MAYO has partnered several organizations in Zimbabwe and is also a member of Girls Not Brides a global movement of more than 500 organizations in more than 72 countries campaigning for the end of Early Child Marriages.
Currently MAYO is running a campaign on Ending Child Marriages with a special focus on marginalized communities where cases of child marriages continues without being noticed due to ignorance and lack of information. The organization seek to bridge the information gap and advocate for effective policies to address early child marriages.
It is also running the “School MATE” program which is designed to influence positive behavior among school going youths, sharing information on sexual and reproductive health and rights. It also give the young people a platform to gain life skills to help them to achieve their goals and also prepare them to be responsible citizens.
93% of the Black granite mining from Mutoko goes oversees a situation which has left people of Mutoko not benefiting or enjoying the extract of the precious stone. MAYO has also initiated a campaign in Mutoko to end the illegal mining of the granite and it is advocating for fair distribution of the resource and ensuring that the community benefits from its natural resources by creating employment opportunities for young people in MUTOKO

Our Contacts